Mini pea and potato omelette

If like me you are always looking for inspiration when it comes to eating, I hope that you find my recipes quick and easy to follow. A lot of what I do is made from left overs or food about to be thrown away. As someone who is absolutely passionate about food waste. I want to show that with a little imagination you can make the simplist of ingredients look and taste fabulous

Serves 1


2 eggs

Splash of milk

Salt and pepper

1 potato cubed

Handful of peas

2 tbsp ricotta cheese 

Chopped parsley 

Sprinkle of paprika


It takes minutes to cook this so best to prepare everything in advance.

Peel, chop and cook potatoes until soft but firm. Once cooked dry fry until golden brown on the outside. Remove from pan.

Cook peas for 2 minutes in boiling water and cool immediately in cold water after cooking. 

Make the base for the omelette by beating the eggs, milk salty and pepper together, stir in 1 tbsp ricotta cheese

Heat a small frying pan on a medium heat and start to fry the omelette, ideally use a non stick pan. 

Add the chopped cooked potatoes and peas. When the bottom of the omelette is set, sprinkle with paprika and place under a preheated grill to set the top. 

When cooked throughout, turn onto a plate add a dollop of ricotta, chopped parsley and volia! 

Would go great with a nice salad or enjoy on it’s own.